Sunday 20 September 2015

How to compliment someone who is losing weight

So since my weight loss became quite visible (-14 kilos so far), I get a lot of compliments, and it does feel good. But sometimes even if I don't show it, it surprises me what people say. I never say anything rude back, because they obviously are trying to be nice and compliment me, but if they just thought for a second, they would realise it is not really the nicest thing to say what they just did. Let me give you an example. This is what I heard the other day: 

Well done you, you have a shape now, look at your waist! 

Cheers, are you saying that 4 months ago I looked like a brick? Because it is not true at all, I always had a waist, I always had an hourglass figure, I am just getting smaller, but not any prettier. I know she was just trying to be nice, so I just sad a polite thank you, but honestly I felt a bit offended. 

If someone around you is losing weight, do compliment them, because it feels nice and it will boost their mood and determination. But make sure, you do NOT bash their previous body. Don't say oh, look, you are so gorgeous now! Look how pretty you became! 

Instead try to say: well done, you! You look healthy! You are losing weight, congrats, keep it up! Try to say something nice without implying, that they were ugly, fat and not pleasant to look at beforehand. There is the same person inside the different body. 


  1. Could be also a good strategy to praise the effort. Like - and it's not just an example, I mean it :) - I really admire your efforts in running. Running was always a big, scary dragon for me anyway, not just the physical part but also going out and doing something I'm not good in, in front of strangers... So cheers for runners, I really admire your hard work with running.

    1. Aw thank you very much! ♥ And also a great tip on complimenting!